The Essence of Pleasure


We at SABON believe that in the hectic world in which we live, with so little time for contemplation, the need for comfort, wellness and well being is of utmost importance and of great value. We therefore provide you not only with top quality body care products but also with beautiful, useful and decorative accessories, which offer pleasure and help in enjoying the good and simple things in life. Bringing SABON into your home is bringing a sense of warmth, harmony, natural luxury, and personality.
We are careful to select themes and develop collections that are flexible and suit both the personal home and the professional environment.  Define your style with glass details. Mix & match candles, candle holders. Find decorating favorites for every room in the house. Complete your bathroom design with our luxurious towels & bath rugs. Use our baskets to organize your rooms. And, create your mood with our exquisite aromatic room diffusers, fabric mists & candles.
SABON is more than a Bath & Body Care brand. It represents a true lifestyle.

  • Brushes

  • Sponges

  • Mirrors

  • Moisturizing Gloves

  • Moisturizing Socks

  • Stone Wash

  • Cosmetic Bags